Leander Burger

looking for Internship in September 2021

An Open-world, driving, exploration game using a snowmobile. Explore the Lofoten islands, collect gear and upgrade your snowmobile. Released in Early Access on Steam.

Team Size: 16
Created in UE4

Responsibilities: Game Design, Level Design, Narrative, Prototyping, Scripting

Levis Umbra offers to bring back the Stealth genre to its roots.
We offer an experience entirely based on sneaking and stealth dynamics.
Armed only with a hacking device, the protagonist will have to open a way deep inside the core of an underground mining factory, taken over by a defecting AI.

Team Size: 20
Created in UE4

Responsibilities: 3Cs Design, Game Design, Narrative, Scripting

Embark on a journey with Ruth, an adventurous hobbyist photographer, as she escapes her boring office job to chase down the rare Golden Finch. Ruth’s Journey is a free demo set in the timeline of The Long Way Home.

Team Size: 8
Created in UE4

Responsibilites: Game Direction, Game Design, Narrative, Scripting, Animation

Hellfist is a VR rhythm based game that offers the unique
power-fantasy of punching and ripping through monsters on the beat of epic metal music.

Hellfist is created by 2nd year game design students at Breda University of Applied Sciences.

Team Size: 5
Created in UE4

Responsibilities: Game Design, Scripting

A UT map focused on open combat spaces and tight corridors set in an old ruin.

Team Size: 1
Created in Unreal Tournament Editor

Responsibilites: Level Design, Playtesting

Grim Junior - 2019

Grim Junior is a 2.5D adventure with puzzle and platforming elements, where you play as little Grim, struggling on his first day at work. Armed with only a vacuum cleaner, the player needs to find and catch fresh souls that are hiding around the graveyard and bring them to the afterlife.

Team Size: 13
Created in UE4

Responsibilities: Game Design, 3Cs Design, Scripting, UI

Pixomondo Internship - 2016/ 2017

Over a 1 year long Internship at Pixomondo I got to do VFX work on a variety of Shows such as “Game of Thrones”, “the Girl in the Spiders Web”, “Iron Sky 2”, “Triple X” and “Star Trek Discovery”.

Responsibilities: Modeling, Sculpting, Rendering