Leander Burger



Presentation - Puzzle Design

I had to give a short presentation about something I learned during the first Quarter of 4th Year.

The presentation dives into some techniques I learned to Design Puzzles. It’s compiled from a list of other great talks and tutorials, with some personal insights added on top.

Presentation - Open World Level Design

I wanted to give a breakdown of how we created the environments for Til Nord during my 3rd Year at University.

The presentation goes over the workflows that worked and didn’t work for us. The methods I learned to quickly create custom terrains and how to populate the level with assets.

Video Tutorials - 2008-2021

I’ve always enjoyed teaching others to help them succeed with their goals.
Over the years I’ve built up a backlog of video tutorials, teaching about the Blender Game Engine and Unreal Engine.
Making these videos I have to find a fine balance between entertainment and educational content, to make it more fun to learn.

Find more tutorials on my YouTube Channel: