Leander Burger


VR Boxing Game | UE4 | 8 Weeks | Team Size: 6 | 2020

Hellfist is a VR rhythm based game that offers the unique power-fantasy of punching and ripping through monsters on the beat of epic metal music.

Hellfist is created by 2nd year game design students at Breda University of Applied Sciences.

Research & Prototyping

Rhythm game prototype

The original Game Idea was to create a VR rhythm game with Bongo’s. That’s why the project was initially called „Bongo Beater“.

– created playable rhythm game from scratch
– research music based note spawning to create Rhythm gameplay


VR Prototype

Since the game was going to be in VR, a prototype needed to be made. The prototype was made to test out the core functionality.

– programming VR drumset prototype in Blueprint inside of UE4
– curation of playtests
– playing with hands or „drum sticks“
– modeling of placeholder assets


Documentation & Planning

Brainstorm - one pager

To brainstorm ideas for the project I created a series of one page designs.
The „Doom meets VR Rhythm Game“ idea was the one that stood out the most.

– collaborative brainstorming
– pitching concept to the rest of the team
– creating one page design breakdowns

Design deck & feature breakdowns

The Design for the game needed to be broken down for the rest of the team & to start building the prototype.

– design breakdown of enemy types, punching feature, level design & more
– defining game systems and creating system breakdowns
– definition of game design pillars & forming creative vision


Building & Iteration

VR Prototype 2

Created the VR prototype & gameplay features.

  • VR Player character with Hand IK
  • Placeholder Level Creation
  • Enemy Behaviour & implementation
  • Creation of Game Menus
  • Creating Blood Particle Effects & Sound Effects
  • Gameplay prototypes (punches & ripping hearts)
Punching Gameplay
Heart ripping mechanic
Start Menu

Closing Thoughts

This was my second time working in VR and creating a Prototype for a VR platform. I learned a lot about Rhythm games and dynamic animation. Playing this prototype was very satisfying making this one of my favorite projects. I enjoyed creating it a lot.